Electric car leasing : ALD Electric

"The electric car leasing solution that goes beyond frontiers! "

The number of electric cars on our roads has increased dramatically. A few years ago, few would have bet on the success of this type of engine. Any remaining doubts about its development have now cleared up. Today, electric vehicles are fully integrated in the Luxembourgish and European automotive landscape.

In this evolving world, cars evolves too. Therefore, ALD Automotive Luxembourg has focused on electric mobility in order to maximize user comfort within a leasing contract called ALD Electric. 

Why choose an electric car leasing at ALD ?

ALD : the most comprehensive electric car rental solution of the electric long-term car rental market : Get the best advice from our electric car experts.

Part of ALD’s mission is to anticipate future needs, to understand and adapt to new trends. Our dedicated expert team is available to advise you on the latest technological advances in the electric automotive field and on recharging devices. That is why ALD Automotive has decided to join forces with renowned service providers in order to provide the best possible service : Enovos and Powerdale.

Advice from our electric car leasing team

Let us give you three pieces of advice

Vehicle choice : You hesitate between Hybrid, PHEV or full EV cars and you want some additional informations ? Our expert team is at your disposal to answer your questions.

A car policy or mobility policy managing electric mobility is complex. Many factors need to be considered : the impact on fringe benefits, how the charging docks will be managed and what will be covered by the company, as well as the impact of charging the car at one’s home.

Our teams have been especially trained in order to answer any question you may have about the leasing of an electric car. Let our experts accompany you to deal with topics such as green taxation, needed infrastructure, transactions, budgets… 

Charging a leased electric vehicle

Devices for charging the batteries of an electric vehicle

It is essential to use the battery charger the best suited to your needs. Bad advice can quickly lead to unnecessary expenses or to the installation of charging devices that won’t charge to the required capacity.

ALD Electric : a leased electric vehicles charging solution tailored to your very needs 

Together with Enovos, you can choose from 3 charging solutions :

Any of these solutions come with :

  • Detailed reporting of your power consumption,
  • A service enabling the payback of private car use by your drivers,
  • Technical customer support to help you charge your hybrid or electric vehicles.

A fully functional, safe and reliable setup for the leasing of your electric vehicle 

Optimise your budget and discover great financial benefits :

Driving in an electric and/or plug-in hybrid vehicle can have a help you save on the costs of using a vehicle. Transitioning to a fleet of electric cars will enable you to cut down on employees’ consumption total cost.

Get the best energy rate in Luxembourg

Take advantage of the 2500 to 8000€* ecological grants immediately deductible from the price of your leased hybrid or electric car.  (*the ecological bonus offered by the Luxembourgish government is valid for any contract subscribed up to 03/31/2021, see conditions

By leasing an electric vehicle, you can contribute to limit CO2 emissions and reduce global warming.

ALD Electric is one of the solutions of our ALD Bluefleet program, our global program to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Interested ? Ask our sales representatives for a a tailor-made, no-strings attached price quotation for an electric car leasing.

Contact us : lu.contact@aldautomotive.com

ALD Electric is an offer made by ALD Luxembourg in partnership with Enovos Services Luxembourg (ESL)