ALD Automotive’s new packages are tailored to bring you the best solutions to the problems you are faced with while managing your company’s fleet. With ALD Automotive Car Sharing, we provide you, via its specialist fleet sharing partner - Moovee, with a comprehensive solution with a quick return on investment to share cars among employees.

Employee car sharing completely managed by our solution

Managing fleet reservations for shared cars is a hassle. With our solution, you can make it possible for your employees to reserve a vehicle for a given period of time without worrying about any extra work. Indeed, in addition to a lease tailored to your very needs, ALD Automotive offers a complete solution to allow your employees to share leased cars.

Your employees can now make a reservation for a vehicle and use it on their own.

The web-app allows users to check on vehicle availability according to selection criteria (reservation date and time, pick up place, numbers of kilometers…) and to confirm their reservation on-line.

The fleet administrator has access to all of the data in real time.

Make a reservation for a leased company car through the Web-App or a smart-phone

At ALD, we know how time consuming a shared car’s management can be for the fleet manager. Factor in a large number of employees and several shared cars and it quickly becomes an impossible task. That is why we have created the ALD Automotive Car Sharing solution. It allows several employees to share a leased car and the fleet manager to access to the booking system employees will use to make car reservations.

Keyless entry system

To pick up the vehicles, employees use their company ID or their smart-phone. Access to the car is given by a telematics device located below the windshield. Once the car is unlocked, employees can get the car key from the glove compartment.

Private use of company cars

With our solution, you can allows employees to use company cars for private purposes. We provide you with a hassle-free on-line secure payment solution.

Management and advantages of shared company cars

Try our car sharing service

You can try car sharing over a three-month trial period, or choose a 12 months short-term lease contract. To best fit your needs, this service can also be contracted for durations lasting from 24 to 48 months.

Car sharing management software

Our powerful and efficient car sharing management software will allow you to:

– manage reservations

– manage car maintenance

– manage user access

– get usage statistics

– customize usage statistics reports

Benefits of our ALD Automotive Car Sharing solution

As a fleet manager, you don’t waste your time managing your company’s shared cars. Your collaborators can make car reservations as well as pick up and drop off the vehicles they need on their own.

Vehicle check-up

Use your leased cars without the hassle of scheduling car checkups. Our Car Sharing solution includes regular car check-ups to ensure that your leased vehicles are always running well.

Car wash service option

You can add a car wash service option to your contract for your leased shared vehicles. Call our customer service agents; they will provide you with detailed information about this option.

How does company car sharing work?

Registering users of shared vehicles

Users register on the car reservation system. The system’s manager can log an employee’s badge to enable vehicle use.

Making a reservation for a shared company car

Collaborators can see the list of all available leased company cars and make a reservation directly from the car sharing system. If you want to allow private use of company cars for your employees, you can do it through a secure on-line payment system. You can then provide your collaborators with a simple solution to use a car whenever they need it, for professional or personal use.


Picking up the car

Users unlock the car with their company ID or their smart-phone. Through a telematics device located under the windshield. They can then get the keys from the glove compartment.

Car drop-off

When your collaborators bring the vehicle back, they can free up the vehicle by using the car sharing telematics device located under the windshield. The car is then automatically listed as available on the reservation system.

Our approved car-sharing partner:

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Ask our customer service agents for an offer

ALD Automotive provides you with the best car sharing solution for your company. Call our team members to get more information on our Car Sharing service. If you want to try our solution before contracting for a longer term, you can test it over a short trial period.