ALD offers new arrangements that are perfectly adapted to the problems you face in managing your company’s vehicles. ALD Car Sharing, through its specialised fleet sharing partner - Moovee - offers a comprehensive solution for vehicle sharing among your employees. 

Whether you are looking to digitalise your fleet and free yourself from the time-consuming management of keys or to set up a car-sharing solution among your employees, we have the solution: ALD Car Sharing.

ALD Car Sharing: shared vehicles, managed from A to Z

What is the added value of ALD Car Sharing?

With ALD Car Sharing, you can digitalise your fleet 100% with the dedicated “Moovee” application. Key management? It’s a thing of the past!

You can also offer your employees the possibility of reserving a vehicle for a defined period of time without having to worry about the workload of managing such a service internally. ALD offers you an all-inclusive solution: vehicle leasing plus the comprehensive car-sharing solution that allows your employees to share the vehicle on their own.

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The dedicated “Moovee” application enables users to view the vehicles that are available and to confirm their booking online.

The administrator has access to all vehicle usage data.

Booking a company car via web app/smartphone 

At ALD, we know how time-consuming managing a shared vehicle can be for the fleet manager. 
This is why we created the ALD Car Sharing solution. In addition to offering a leased vehicle that can be used by different employees, we give you access to a booking platform that your employees can use.

Keyless vehicle access

Users can unlock and start the vehicle using their company badge or with the “Moovee” app on their smartphone. No more problems with key management and the corresponding risk of loss.

Private use of company cars

Our solution also allows for your employees to make personal trips with the vehicles that you make available to them. You can opt for a billing solutions that lets your employees make private use of the vehicle (e.g. outside working hours). Our partner Moovee can provide you with a secure payment solution so that you don’t have to do anything*.

The advantage of this solution for you is that your car-sharing solution pays for itself more quickly. 

Management and benefits of shared vehicles for companies

Contract management 

Discover our comprehensive car sharing leasing solution with terms ranging from 36 to 72 months depending on your needs.

Car-sharing management tool

Car-sharing management tool

We offer you a powerful management tool that will allow you to

- Manage bookings

- Administer user access

- Access usage statistics

- Customise usage statistics

- Manage maintenance*

Benefits of our ALD Automotive Car Sharing solution

As a fleet manager, you won’t waste time managing shared vehicles. Bookings, pick-ups and drop-offs are done autonomously by your employees.

Vehicle check-up

Regular vehicle inspections are handled in our ALD Car Sharing solution to ensure that they are kept in good condition during their use.

Optional vehicle cleaning service

If you wish, you can also take advantage of a cleaning service for the vehicles used by your employees. We encourage you to ask us for details on how this option works.

How car sharing works in companies

Registering users of shared vehicles

Users register on the vehicle reservation platform. They can have the manager register their badge to use the vehicle.

Making a reservation for a shared company car

Users can view the vehicles available to them and make bookings directly on the platform/app. If they are booking for a personal trip, you can offer your employees secure online payment* and a simple solution to get a vehicle on demand, for any type of use.

Picking up the car

Users can take possession of the vehicle by unlocking it with their badge or smartphone. 

Car drop-off

Your employees return the vehicle and close out their booking via the app. The vehicle is then made available on the booking platform.

Our certified car-sharing partner:

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Ask our customer service agents for an offer

ALD can help you set up such a solution within your company, so don’t hesitate to ask our team about the ALD Car Sharing service. 

“Enjoy” package: €99/month excl. VAT “Drive” package: €199/month excl. VAT
  • Installation of the car sharing connectivity box
  • App & platform
  • 24/7 technical support
  • User activation and deactivation
  • Reporting tools

All the features of the “Enjoy” package


  • Management of private use & related payments
  • Pick-up service for maintenance, servicing and claims
  • Concierge service
  • Fine management
  • User training (4 sessions/year per vehicle)

*Services only available in the “Drive” package.