Leased car insurance

To fully protect drivers and passengers in case of an accident, all of the vehicles we lease come with a fully comprehensive insurance policy.

On MyALD web interface, fleet managers can access accident reports and cost analysis data in real time and use it to calculate the total cost of ownership of the fleet.

Discover the characteristics of your ALD Automotive leased car insurance.

AXA Insurance Company’s fully comprehensive coverage for all fleet cars

AXA Insurance Company, our partner provides insurance with full coverage:

-   public liability insurance

-   property damage insurance

-   driver insurance

-   theft insurance

-   defense and legal action

Public liability insurance

The public liability insurance covers both the driver of an ALD Automotive leased company car and the passengers. Should a claim be filed, our insurance provider obviously covers physical injury and property damages caused to third party.

Property damage insurance

Our insurance policy covers all of the damage on a vehicle that cannot be attributed to a third party, such as acts of vandalism, fire damage, glass damage (except for headlights and mirrors), damage that is caused by natural events or damages involving wildlife.

For some of these claims, your insurance will cover the damage your car suffered without any deductible, provided a police report has been filed. This includes fire damage, glass damage (except for headlights and mirrors) and damages involving wildlife. When this happens, you need to report to the police as soon as you can after the damage has occurred. Other types of damage may require you to pay the deductible to have your vehicle repaired.

Company car driver insurance

Damage attributed to the driver are covered. Should you be wounded while driving your company car, our insurance covers any damage the driver may suffer : bodily injury, hospitalization or death.

Company car theft insurance

All of our leased cars are covered by a no-deductible theft insurance policy. However, the insurance company requires a police report to handle the claim for a car theft or theft attempt.

Car defense and legal action insurance

In the event of a disaster, our insurance covers any legal action that may be taken against you. Our policy covers all of the legal expenses you may incur.

Replacement vehicle option 

You can ask to include the replacement vehicle option in your insurance policy. If after an accident, your car is too damaged to drive, a replacement vehicle will be provided. For unplanned repairs on a car after a covered accident, ALD Automotive’s assistance service will immediately provide a replacement vehicle.

Easy management of company car insurance

ALD Automotive makes the administrative management of your leased car insurance hassle-free : we take care of everything, from insurance claims after a car accident to claims for compensation for damages sustained after the accident and assistance for legal protection.

All of the claims are managed by experts and in the strictest confidentiality.

As fleet manager, you have access to all useful data with our online services. With MyALD  fleet management tool, you can check online claims, replacement vehicle requests, and accident reports.

Leasing vehicle insurance cost

Fixed insurance premium

Our competitively priced premium is set at a fixed rate for the entire duration of your contract. This allows you to best control your fleet management costs.

Insurance deductible

You can choose the deductible that best fit your needs between 125€ and 4% of the car’s insured declared value.

Insurance premium payment included in your lease contract

Easy premium payment: the premium is collected with the leasing rent. Your monthly payment includes both the leasing charge and the insurance premium.