Excellence has a name: ALD One

Cars are an important part of our lives. More than just a mode of transport, it is above all a passion, an art of living.
The sweet sound of a V8 engine, the powerful acceleration of a high-performance electric vehicle or the sleek, elegant curves of a prestige car... it all stirs our emotions.

Whether you prefer a GT sedan, a high-performance electric vehicle or a radical sports car, you share the passion for motoring that drives us all.

The vehicle itself is important, but so are the related services. 
ALD Automotive Luxembourg understands this, and has developed a product based on this idea: an exceptional vehicle needs exceptional services.

Listening to you, from A to Z

Are you looking for a prestigious, rare vehicle? Would you like to know which engine you should choose for your new luxury car? Our teams are there to help you right from the start of your project.

Once your vehicle has been delivered, you'll have a single point of contact for all your needs. Peace of mind guaranteed.

Top-of-the-range insurance products

A prestige vehicle needs insurance to match. After all, the reason you own a sports car is to use it on the racetrack, right? 
Our ALD One product includes a comprehensive, top-of-the-range insurance package, including

  • Full circuit cover (civil liability, vehicle damage)
  • Personal effects and luggage cover
  • Cover against theft
  • Premium assistance available at all times
  • ...

Exclusive, high-quality follow-up with "Home Service" included

If you need to have your vehicle serviced or repaired, we can offer you :

  • Making an appointment and transporting your vehicle to the workshop of the brand's official dealership
  • A pick-up service for your vehicle at your place of work or home within a 25 km radius of Luxembourg-centre
  • A courtesy vehicle for the duration of the intervention
  • Cleaning of your vehicle before it is returned

We only use the brand's official representatives to look after your vehicle. 
Whether you need servicing or a precise, personalised adjustment, our authorised dealers know your vehicle inside out, so you can rest assured that you're in safe hands.

Top-of-the-range additional services

Because that's not enough, we offer you a whole range of prestigious services, in partnership with Car Protect. 

These services include :

  • Complete protection of the vehicle against external aggression (XPEL film, ceramic treatment, etc.)
  • Extreme customisation, because your vehicle is a unique reflection of you
  • Transport of your vehicle in an enclosed trailer, whether to your holiday destination or your favourite racetrack
  • Installation of advanced alarm systems (anti-theft, volumetric, etc.)
  • Extensive secure guarding solutions for your vehicle

All ALD One contracts are carbon neutral thanks to our Carbon Offset programme.

At ALD Automotive Luxembourg, we know that perfection does not exist. Nevertheless, striving for it leads to excellence. The ALD One product was born.

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