Easily manage and control fuel management with ALD Fuel gas cards

The various types of ALD gas card

ALD Fuel will allow you to save time and energy on fuel management. Whether it is for personnal use or for the management of an entire fleet of vehicles, ALD  provides the tools you need to best manage fuel consumption.

Even if you are not an ALD client, you can benefit from the advantages of the ALD Fuel service. It includes :

  • the gas card
  • fuel consumption monitoring for each one of your fleet’s vehicle
  • a monthly spending limit option (in euros or in liters)
  • customized billing to fit your cash flow
  • Give your employees this non-taxable fringe benefit !

Diesel fuel card and tolls                     

With our specific diesel fuel card, manage your diesel vehicles consumption and allow your team members to pay for tolls.                        

Gas card for all types of fuel and tolls 

With our special fuel-toll formula, you will be able to easily manage your fleet’s fuel consumption and authorize toll paiment. This fuel card gives access to a great number of partner gas stations on both a national and an international scale : Shell, Esso et Avia, Aral, BP, Agip, OMV et Statoil.

Include carwash and oilchange on your ALD Fuel card

In addition to gas, the ALD Fuel card can be used by team members to access carwash and oil management for their fleet vehicle. With these options, your fleet vehicles will stay in pristine condition, thereby reducing their TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Gas stations convenience store purchases

Allow your team members to use their gas card for purchases in the convenience stores of partner petrol stations : with the same gas card, your team members can buy not only gas and oil, but also any item from the stations’ stores. This significantly eases travel expense management for traveling collaborators.

International gas cards

With ALD Fuel, you can manage your collaborators’ travel expenses with great efficiency. There are over 20,000 partner gas stations throughout Europe. Thanks to the Shell network ADL Fuel card and the ROUTEX network ALD Fuel card, your fuel card can be used in the following gas stations : Shell, Esso, Avia, BP, Agip, OMV et Statoil.

                        Shell gas stations                    

                        Esso gas stations

                        Avia gas stations

                        Aral gas stations

                        BP gas stations            

                        Agip gas stations

                        OMV gas stations

                        Statoil gas stations

Fleet fuel management

Company fuel card

Retain your team members by making their life easier with a gas card. As they are a non-taxable benefit, company gas cards are a true perk for your employees.

You can customize each card’s use :

  • set a monthly limit in euros or liters
  • chosse between a national or an international gas card
  • allow access to all types of fuel or diesel only
  • allow access to carwash
  • allow or restrict purchases in the station’s convienience store

In order to avoid any abuse, the company gas cards you give your employees in connexion with a vehicle leasing contrat are automatically deactivated at when they return the vehicle.

Optimize fleet monitoring with fuel management

We make fleet managers’ jobs easier by providing them with a fuel management dedicated interface. Accessible on My ALD, our fuel consumption software allows you to follow your fleet’s total consumption and customize many aspects of your Fuel Policy.

Transparency on your company’s CO2 emissions

On your My ALD interface, you will also be able to discover your vehicles’ actual consumption and will be able to limit (or better compensate) your company’s carbon footprint.

Customized and flexible billing

ALD makes your life easier by gathering all of your fuel expenses onto a single bill. This gives your company better visibility on expenses, thereby facilitating cost control.

Moreover, to reduce the impact of gas expenses on your cash flow, we use flexible billing frequency, enabling you to adequately insert these expenses into your cash flow.

Make your life easier with the ALD Fuel gas card services

Contact one of our sales representatives to get your customized offer and trust ALD with your fuel management. Let us take care of the administrative work of your company’s fuel management.

Lost or stolen fuel card ?

Should your card be lost or stolen, or should you forget your pin code, you can block your card by calling :

Shell Card  Services at +352 31 11 41 730 : Aral Card Services at +352 34 62 62 29

To receive your new card, contact ALD AUTOMOTIVE at +352 31 05 36 1 or lu.contact@aldautomotive.com.

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