Light commercial vehicle lease - Van lease

Get a lease for your light commercial vehicle lease which matches the professional use of your vehicle


Pioneer of light commercial vehicle leasing in Luxembourg, ALD Automotive provides your company with more flexibility to make sure your teams and equipments stay mobile.  

Our leasing solutions will provide you with a unique experience that contributes to your company’s profitability. It guarantees a continuous mobility that fits your needs and real cost control. 

You will save time by letting us :

  • manage your LCV fleet
  • take care of administrative tasks and logistics (taxes, registration, vehicle inspection, insurance…)
  • service and repair your fleet’s vehicles
  • ensure your mobility by supplying a replacement LCV that matches your commercial vehicle
  • provide our pick up service : we drop the replacement LCV at your address and pick up your vehicle to bring it to the garage. We also bring back your vehicle and leave with the replacement commercial vehicle when the job is done, saving you precious time in the event of maintenance, repairs, vehicle inspection... 

You save money and control your costs :

  • we give you access to our online fleet management solution
  • damages caused by the normal use of such a vehicle during work is cost-free at the end of the contract,
  • Deflocking is also guaranteed cost-free by our formula
  • Our contents insurance covers the equipment and merchandise stocked in your vehicle.  

Light commercial vehicle long-term rental rate 

Select from a full range of options to equip your leased light commercial vehicle  

As a professional, you have specific needs. ALD Automotive can customize the interior of your leased light commercial vehicle based upon your wishes. Ply lining for internal damage protection, shelves, drawers, plywood floors… We understand your needs and will tailor your light commercial vehicle to your business needs. ALD Automotive’s established network of dealerships and partners will ensure the timely delivery of your light commercial vehicle. 

How to choose your light commercial vehicle in leasing with option to purchase ? 

Our in-depth knowledge of the various light commercial vehicles makes and models means we can advise you on the make and model that will best suit the requirements of your professional activity. Our experience allows us to take into account the type of work you do and the kind of merchandise or equipment you transport in order to make sure you lease the vehicle that best fits your needs.

If you are thinking about purchasing the vehicle at the end of your lease, make sure you select the one that actually best fits your needs ! Contact our customer service agents for more information. 

Light commercial vehicle leasing : get a replacement vehicle in case of an unplanned incident 

Your light commercial vehicle leasing agreement includes a very convenient service : we provide a replacement vehicle in case of a breakdown or during vehicle maintenance. We understand how important it is for you to ensure that your teams and equipment stay mobile. A replacement light commercial vehicle is at your disposal when your van is being maintained or repaired. 

With our Pick-Up service, don’t waste any more time to drop your van off at the garage. We deliver the replacement vehicle and take your vehicle to the vehicle workshop. Once the maintenance is over, we bring it back to you and leave with the replacement vehicle.  

At the end of your light commercial vehicle lease agreement, take advantage of our all-in return solution 

Fully aware of the risks incurred daily by business professionals, we have adapted our lease agreements to the daily use of light commercial vehicles . At the end of your lease agreement, you can return your van without hassle. When you return your leased vehicle, we repair small damages at no extra cost. This offer is specifically designed to fit your needs. We understand the problems a business can encounter in managing its commercial fleet. To make it easier for you and save you time, our offers include several options like deflocking the vehicle, etc. Get in touch with our sales service for more information.

Our van leases allow you to easily manage your fleet 

Simplify your fleet management with van leasing 

Managing your vehicles (registration...) takes time. ALD Automotives does it for you, saving you a great amount of time and leaving you with more time to focus on your core business. Managing day-to-day operations is also greatly simplified: no more dealing with bills for tires, maintenance etc. Your monthly lease payment includes all of your fleet’s needs and ensures your drivers’ mobility. 

Van leasing for contractors: making your work easier 

At last, contractors can benefit from the advantages of a lease for their van. Our specific leasing solutions tailored to fit the needs of contractors and auto-entrepreneurs give you full control over your van’s business-related spending. You can use the time you save by letting ALD Automotive manage all of the administrative and logistic tasks on your core activity. A real benefit for your company. 

Control the costs of your commercial vehicle fleet by leasing your vehicles 

With a lease agreement, you get a comprehensive and simple view of all of the spending linked to your company’s mobility. The monthly lease payment allows you to control costs and avoid unpleasant surprises. Our TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) solution gives you a clear picture of the total cost of your teams’ mobility. 

For your commercial vehicle lease, select the make and model that best fits your needs : 

ALD Automotive provides several lease plans for vans and commercial vehicles from the following manufacturers. Contact our sales agents for a customized quotation.

Renault commercial vehicle lease

Mercedes commercial vehicle lease

Peugeot commercial vehicle lease

Volkswagen commercial vehicle lease


ALD Automotive’s commercial vehicle leasing offers, quotations and rates 


For more information about our lease agreements for vans and commercial vehicles, contact our sales agents. They will help you select the set up and equipment that best fits your specific needs.