Leasing option achat - ALD Start Lease & Start Lease +

Become the owner of your vehicle at the end of your LOA


Our leasing with option to purchase or LOA solutions, Start Lease and Start Lease Plus, mean you too can ease into financing a brand new vehicle but immediately enjoy the additional services of leasing at a highly competitive rate. Better yet, when your lease expires, you still have the freedom to purchase, return or even exchange your vehicle for another.

Principle of leasing with option to purchase :

  • Vehicle financing and amortisation is based on a fixed monthly fee which is calculated according to :
  • The net investment value of the vehicle (options and discounts included
  • The length of the lease contract (12 to 72 months),
  • The total mileage,
  • The resale value of the vehicle at the end of the contract,
  • The competitive interest rate guaranteed by our shareholder, Societe Generale.

Vehicle repurchase at the end of the contract
Leasing vehicles are repurchased according to their guaranteed resale value set when the contract was signed. This value varies between 10 and 30% of the amount invested.

ALD Automotive's Start Lease service pack includes:

  • The vehicle's registration fees and technical inspections
  • A fully-comprehensive insurance pack (passenger and third-party liability, driver protection, material damages, legal fees, etc.)
  • Roadside assistance and breakdown and repair 24/7.

As well as the services listed above, Start Lease Plus has 2 extra features and includes :

  • The management of road fines, 
  • The payment of road tax and issue of road tax stickers.

Optional services available on both LOA formulas :

  • Fuel card management and the issue of consumption and CO2 emission reports for meticulous control over your costs and carbon footprint.