Short term rental for cars and utility vehicles

ALD Rent, the answer to your immediate and short-term mobility needs.

Short term rental for cars and utility vehicles


Market leader on the vehicle leasing market in Luxembourg, ALD Automotive offers a short term rental service for profesionnals. Enjoy the benefits and flexibility of short term vehicle rental.


One day to 24 months car or van rental


ALD short term rental service caters to all of your mobility needs :

- have your car delivered to the airport or the train station upon arrival in Luxembourg 

- plan and organize a trip with the right car 

- travel outside of Luxembourg in a car of your choice

Call our sales service, tell our agent about your specific needs and get your quote. We will give you the most competitive rates and fully-equipped vehicle that best fit your needs.


Rent the car or utility vehicle that fits your needs


ALD Rent offers a great variety of rental cars. Select your favorite brand from the many we have available. You can make your choice between a small, compact car, which you will easily park in Luxembourg, a spacious minivan, or one of our delivery vans to transport goods.


Car rental with unlimited mileage

Don’t stress over calculating your route’s mileage ! With our unlimited mileage rental service, you can peacefully get behind the wheel without worrying about the cost of going over the mileage cap, which ususally is a common concern with many car rental companies. ALD Rent grants you total freedom for a fixed price.


Comprehensive insurance for your rental car

Renting your car with ALD rent allows you to drive peacefully, taking full advantage or our expertise in the field of car insurance. Our rental cars and vans’ insurance provides coverage for all types of situations and keeps you covered in the case of a problem or an accident.


Rental car assistance

Should you need towing or assistance, our roadside service is available throughout all of Europe. Should you need help, call our Easydriving service : our service agents will assist you with any need of your roadside assistance needs by putting you in touch with the various maintenance or towing services available.


Rental car delivery everywhere in Luxembourg

When you rent a vehicle with ALD, you don’t need to worry about using the public transportation system to pick your car up. 

The vehicle will be delivered to your door, everywhere in Luxembourg. We will take care of the delivery whether you need the vehicle at home, at your workplace. Call our sales service for more details.


Rental car dropoff                   

As we say at ALD Rent : « Book it, Drive, it, Drop it. » You can drop the car off at any location of your choice in Luxembourg, we will arrange for pick-up.


A large choice of rental cars and options

When your rent a car with ALD, make your choice from the large selection of rental cars types and options of our near 1000 vehicle fleet. From compact cars to luxury models, we have a diverse set of car categories available.


 Rent all types of cars

Whether you are looking for a town car, a minivan or a sedan, at ALD Rent, you will find the car that best fits you, the car in which you feel most comfortable. Ask our sales service for more information about the types of equipment and their availability and rent a car that perfectly matches your expectations.


 Rent a utility vehicle rental equipped to fit your needs

When you rent a utility vehicle at ALD Rent, it can come with different types of equipment. Ask our sales service for more information by detailing your need and rent a car that will exactly fit your needs.


            Eco-friendly cars and vans rental

ALD Automotive’s rental fleet is climate neutral. Since 2009, our Bluefleet program limits the impact of vehicle use on the environment. 100 % of theoretical carbon emissions generated by our vehicles’ rental are offset by our carbon compensation project « Safe water in Ouganda », in partnership with MyClimate.


            Contact us and rent your vehicle today !

            Contact our customer service and tell us about your specific needs. We will customize your personal offer to tailor to them.


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