Offer your employees a bike-share scheme right on your company's premises.

Offer your employees a soft, ecological and sustainable mobility!

Did you know? Here at ALD we are constantly working on new mobility solutions to meet the needs of your employees. This is why we have developed a unique alternative mobility solution: ALD Poolbike - or in other words a bike-share leasing scheme.

With ALD Poolbike, you get a secure bike parking system (indoor or outdoor) and a fleet of 6 (or 12) bikes of your choosing.

Bikes can be reserved by your employees and used for both personal and business purposes.


Choose from a wide range of bikes!

Our Poolbike offer is designed to be flexible: choose the best option for you from a wide range of bicycles of every type and brand (folding bikes, standard bikes, electric bikes, cross-country bikes and many more) and create your own fleet.


With the Poolbike offer, you’ll receive:

  • financing

  • theft and damage insurance

  • breakdown and roadside assistance

  • a full maintenance package

  • an extension of the motor and battery warranty for your fleet of electric bikes (contracts of 24 months or more)

  • 6 bike safety kits (includes helmet, bright neon safety vest, tamper-resistant lock, bicycle bell, etc.)

optional services include :

  • bike replacement

  • accessories, such as saddlebags, satchels with custom graphics, bike stand lettering, bike pumps, etc.

What are the benefits for employers?

  • You will see a reduction in your overall employee travel budget

  • The Poolbike bike-share scheme is 100% tax-deductible

  • If you are in an urban area, you’ll improve employee mobility during rush hour

  • You’ll be promoting physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle

  • You’ll make a contribution to combating climate change


Interested? Contact us about our Poolbike offer! 

To find out more about our bike-share offer, consult our online catalogue: 

e-scooter and bike leasing Catalog ALD Bike EN



Our exclusive bike-share partner:

For this offering, we’ve partnered with Velocenter Goedert, Luxembourg’s leading bicycle expert.

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Good to know:

We can also include a leasing offer for a personal bike or electric scooter as part of your employees’ benefits package: ALD Company Bike