Offer your employees a bike or e-scooter leasing scheme as part of their employee benefits package

Bike leasing in the employee benefits package

Did you know? Here at ALD, we are constantly thinking about how to improve employee mobility as we deliver even better solutions. This is why we have developed a unique alternative mobility solution: ALD Company Bike.

With ALD Company Bike, you can get a bike leasing solution that fits your needs and your budget, whether as a separate plan or in combination with car leasing.

You can choose from a wide array of bicycles of every brand and type (folding bikes, standard bikes, electric bikes, cross-country bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, and many more) or select a self-propelled e-scooter instead.

Services included with your bike lease

In addition to financing, we’ll give you:

  • theft and damage insurance,
  • roadside assistance,
  • support (default resource).

Available as options:

  • a maintenance plan,
  • Warranty extension for electric bikes or motorised e-scooters (for any contract over 24 months).


What are the benefits for employers? 

  • You will see your overall employee travel budget shrink.
  • There are no benefits-in-kind tax liabilities on bikes.
  • If you are located in an urban area, you’ll improve employee mobility during rush hour while simultaneously encouraging physical exercise.
  • You’ll provide greater mobility budget flexibility to your employees.
  • You’ll make a contribution to combating climate change.


What are the benefits for employees? 

  • Employees will get a non-taxable benefit (excluding VAT) and no benefits-in-kind tax.
  • They can combine business needs with pleasure (leasing a bike of any type or brand).
  • They’ll see their urban driving petrol bill go down as they get some exercise instead of waiting in city traffic.
  • If there's ever any problem with your bike, you’re covered (insurance, roadside assistance and repatriation)
  • At the end of the contract, employees will have the option of buying the bike, if the employer agrees.


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Good to know:

We also offer a bike-share leasing scheme that you can set up at your place of business : ALD Pool Bike