Offer your employees the possibility to lease a bike or a self-propelled e-scooter as one of their employee benefits

Are you sick of being stuck in traffic? Or are you just looking for a healthier and environmentally-friendly mode of transport?

Bikes are still one of the most efficient forms of transport for short or medium urban commutes, for instance:

  • for those last few kilometres between the Park&Ride drop-off point and the workplace,
  • between the railway station and home or the workplace,
  • for a meeting in the city-centre of Luxembourg, where parking space is scarce and expensive...


ALD Automotive offers businesses bike and e-scooter leasing or bike fleet leasing: ALD Bike. Two plans are available:

Our Bike products can give your employees the option of using a bike or e-scooter for business or personal travel. 

A wide array of bikes and e-scooters available for lease

Promoting responsible mobility, our ALD Bike leasing options include a wide range of bikes, from cross-country bikes to electric bikes and folding bikes. Practical and economical, a number of bike models are very ergonomic and space-saving. Lastly, it’s up to the cyclist to choose a bike that best suits his/her needs and purposes.

The tax advantages of this mode of transport could convince even the most reluctant individuals to give biking a try...

Bike leasing: no benefit in kind

Leasing a bike is fiscally advantageous for your employees because there is no benefit-in-kind tax liability on the value of a bike or a e-scooter. In fact, as bikes are an environmentally-friendly alternative mobility solution, the government of Luxembourg hopes to promote this mode of travel through a tax benefit that is more attractive than for motor vehicles.