ALD 2life Lease is THE new flexible and economical mobility solution for companies and professionals in Luxembourg.

Benefit from a quick and competitive solution by opting for a recent used car lease (Offer reserved for professionals).

Why choose ALD 2life Lease?

Our solution has a lot of advantages :

- Fast delivery within two weeks of signing the contract.

- A monthly rent that is 20% cheaper on average compared to an equivalent leasing on a new vehicle.

- Vehicles carefully selected by our experts and maintained in the manufacturer's network.

- Recent vehicles, with low mileage, perfectly maintained and in excellent condition (Euro 6 standard - the most recent European standard for CO2 emissions).

- Easier access to credit thanks to a lower investment value on a used vehicle.

- Access to a higher category leasing vehicle without affecting your budget.

"As the rent is 20% lower than an equivalent lease on a new vehicle, the driver can access a higher segment or better equipped vehicles."

Which services are included in the 2life Lease offer?

The 2life Lease offer includes exactly the same services as an operational leasing contract for a new vehicle:

- Registration and taxes

- Insurance (liability, driver protection, property damage and legal assistance)

- 24/7 support

- A replacement vehicle in case of need

- Summer and winter tires replaced according to wear, with their rotation

- Maintenance: servicing and repairs

- Our customer service for professionals easyDriving

With a leasing contract already possible from 18 months onwards 

"The 2life lease offers the possibility to start with shorter contract periods without a significant impact on the rent"

Where do the proposed vehicles come from?

ALD Automotive has a fleet of 15,000 vehicles in Luxembourg and is the market leader in car leasing with a 30% market share. Every week 60 vehicles are returned to its car centre in Kehlen. 

A rigorous selection process in 3 steps: 

1. Selection of vehicles by our experts according to several criteria: age, mileage, history, condition,...

2. Checking vehicles on several points: chassis, bodywork, interior. If the vehicle passes the checks without remarks it is offered for leasing. 

3. Preparation of the selected vehicles ready for use: a second check is carried out by an external expert before being cleaned at 360°.

Are you interested in the offer? Do you have any questions?  Contact us and visit our listings here