Take control of the real cost of your fleet

ALD Automotive's TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) tool uses a tried-and-tested methodology that allows you to calculate the exact cost of owning your vehicle fleet, and puts you in the driving seat when it comes to optimising your expenses. We offer the tailored assistance and expert advice you need to achieve your optimal TCO.

Because a vehicle's purchase price isn't the only criteria to consider when determining how much it will cost you to run, our TCO analysis also factors in the following :

  • Direct costs : leasing fee including tax, fuel, insurance, maintenance, etc.

  • Indirect costs : management, return on investment, etc.

  • Ecological cost : level of CO2 emissions produced by your fleet.

Your advantages

  • A tailored and transparent TCO estimate to guide you in your choice of vehicles.

  • Immediate levers and action to help you optimise the total cost of your fleet (choose the right vehicles, promote eco-responsible driving, etc.).

  • Quick and easy access to your TCO via our ALD Net extranet throughout the life of your contracts.

  • A dashboard to monitor your costs and detect and correct any deviations from your budget.