ALD Automotive offers an offset programme for your residual carbon dioxide emissions

CO2 offsetting reduces our ecological footprint

The impact of hazardous emissions on our environment knows no bounds and affects us all.

The carbon offset programme designed by ALD Automotive allows you to support environmental projects that aim to substantially reduce the residual CO2 emissions of our vehicle fleets, and their harm to our planet.

Through a contribution debited from your monthly lease payment and with ALD’s assistance, you can support these beneficial projects and act individually to help the planet.

MyClimate is an internationally recognised player that closely manages projects selected based on strict standards (Gold standard). 

The environmental project supported:

MyClimate is currently managing the “Safe Water in Uganda” project, which we assigned to the organisation. 


For only €2 from your monthly lease payment, ALD will add €1. These monthly €3 are invested in MyClimate projects and cover a reduction of around 9 tonnes (*) of CO2 for the duration of your leasing contract*.

Your contribution will be donated to support the project 

Now it’s up to you! Calculate your offset with the ALD BlueFleet Carbon Offset Simulator

What are the advantages of reducing CO2 emissions:

  • Positive action for the environment and a cleaner fleet
  • Contribution to a concrete project to reduce greenhouse gases on the planetary level
  • Contribution to humanitarian and social activities (creating jobs in developing countries)
  • Receive your annual CO2 offset certificate awarded by myClimate
  • Option to have a climate-neutral fleet
  • Option to complement this programme with other preventive solutions in our ALD bluefleet  programme

 Taking action together for co-friendly mobility!

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