ALD Automotive offers an offset programme for your residual carbon dioxide emissions

Carbon offsetting reduces the ecological footprint

The impact of harmful emissions on our environment knows no boundaries and concerns us all.

The carbon offset programme designed by ALD Automotive supports environmental projects that aim to drastically reduce the CO2 emissions of our car fleets and our planet.

Thanks to a contribution integrated into your monthly rent and with the help of ALD, you have the opportunity to support these beneficial projects and act at your level in favour of our planet.

The environmental project supported :

Graine de vie is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) created in the form of a not-for-profit organization under Belgian and Luxembourg law. Its objective is to compensate for the ecological footprint of the inhabitants of industrialized countries by planting trees in developing countries.

Since 1 January 2019, the funds collected are distributed to the association Graine de Vie, with which we are committed for an indefinite period of time to set up a reforestation project in an area of 5 villages in the Diana region of Madagascar, complemented by awareness campaigns in schools and among the inhabitants.


For only 2€ from your monthly rent, ALD adds 1€. These 3€ monthly are invested in Seed of Life projects and cover a reduction of approximately 9 tons (*) of CO2 over the duration of your lease*. Your contribution will be paid to support the project.

* Estimated emissions for the duration of an average leasing contract (40 months)

It's up to you! Calculate your compensation using the ALD carbon offset simulator. 


Example of CO2 compensation

For a fleet of 100 Volvo XC 60 D4 with a theoretical CO2 level of 150 g/km and an average of 30,000 km/year, I decide to offset my fleet so that it emits only 50 g/km of CO2. 

Detailed calculation :
CO2/km to be compensated per vehicle:

150 (average CO2 content in g/km) - 50 (desired compensation threshold) = 100 g CO2/km to be compensated per vehicle

Tonnage of CO2 to be compensated for the total fleet :

100 g CO2/km x 30,000 km/year x 100 vehicles in the fleet = 30,000,000 g CO2/year, i.e. 300 T/year.

Cost of offsetting for the total fleet :

At the price of 14.5 €/tonne of CO2 compensated (fixed on 01/01/2018), the cost of compensating this fleet amounts to 4350 €/year, i.e. 362.50 €/month.

ALD Automotive will bear one third of this cost, i.e. €120.83/month.
This leaves you with €241.67/month to offset the CO2 emitted by your fleet of 100 vehicles at the desired threshold of 50 g of CO2/km.