ALD Bluefleet

The ALD Bluefleet programme: solutions to limit the environmental impact of your vehicle fleet

Motivating human resources (People), caring for the environment (Planet) and securing strong earnings (Profit) are all important criteria when defining your company's approach to leasing, managing your vehicle fleet and establishing a car policy.

The priority given to these three variables—People, Profit and Planet—varies depending on your circumstances. Each of these variables entails different priorities, depending on the environment, strategy and goals of your company. It's up to you to define your own priorities.

Conscious of the impact of its business on the environment, ALD Automotive offers its customers an eco-friendly mobility programme. The programme consists of three steps: avoid, limit and offset.


The aim of this step is to avoid all carbon dioxide emissions through a number of optimisation techniques. Advice and assistance are offered for CO2 avoidance and alternative mobility solutions.

ALD company Bike
Offer your employees a bike leasing scheme as part of their salary package.
ALD Pool Bike
Give your employees access to a bike-share scheme on your company's premises.


We know it's not possible for everyone to produce zero carbon dioxide emissions, and we realise that many people cannot do without a motorised vehicle. Accordingly, the second step is to limit carbon dioxide emissions.

Efficient driving
new defensive driving program – it's eco-friendly !
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We offer a carbon offset service for residual carbon dioxide emissions.

Carbon offset
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