With Assisto, filling in an accident statement form has never been as quick !

Assisto is a free-of-charge, multilingual mobile app (Android and iOS) that allows users to deal with accident statement forms quickly and easily.

Save precious time with Assisto: filling in the form takes no more than 5 to 7 minutes and your accident statement is sent directly to ALD Automotive's insurance service.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can use Assisto to simply scan the QR code on your green card to automatically pre-fill your accident statement. All you need to do then is to complete the details of the damage, take a few photos and send it all by e-mail to ALD Automotive's insurance service using your smartphone.

ALD Automotive gets accurate information on the spot and you don't forget anything that might invalidate your contract or delay the payment of your claim.

A secure copy is automatically sent by e-mail to each of the parties in the form of an electronic amicable accident statement. Your personal information is protected and never used for any other purpose than managing your damage claim.
What is more, if an accident occurs between two individuals who speak different languages, the app's language synchronisation feature allows each party to edit the content of the form in their mother tongue and receive a copy of the full statement in the language of their choice.

Download Assisto