A modular leasing solution that lets you switch vehicles to suit your needs

ALD switch, a modular leasing solution that lets you switch vehicles to suit your needs

Convertible, estate, people carrier or utility vehicle: ALD switch has something for every occasion. Moving house and need a van? Taking your family on a skiing holiday and want a people carrier? Or maybe you just fancy a convertible for some open-air cruising? ALD switch allows you to switch your primary vehicle for another model to suit a specific occasion or need, all under the one and same mobility budget.

"My car was too small for my holidays so ALD switched it"

Subscribing to ALD switch means you are no longer restricted to the same vehicle for your entire leasing contract. You can choose a smaller, more economical and environmentally-friendly model for travelling to and from work or temporarily opt for a more luxury or more practical vehicle depending on how your wants and needs change.
ALD Switch is also a good complementary formula for electric vehicle leasing.

Through ALD Flex, ALD Automotive Luxembourg has its own fleet of short-term leasing vehicles with more than 1 000 recent models, vans and cars, from an exhaustive range of makes to suit the needs of ALD Switch subscribers.

How does it work?
Depending of your mobility budget, set up your main lease and complete your rent with a monthly switch provision in order to accumulate a credit for temporary vehicles.
Use your switch credit whenever you want and choose a temporary vehicle according to the ALD switch car (passenger cars) and ALD switch van (commercial vehicles) tariffs.
Benefit from a view at any time on the switch credit used and remaining.