ALD Mobile: traffic updates and practical information at the touch of a button

Need a traffic update? Looking for the nearest tyre centre? Want a service provider to replace your cracked windscreen? Or do you just want to talk to someone for advice or information?

ALD Mobile is the must-have, free-of-charge mobile app (Android and iOS) with the answer to all of those questions and more for all drivers, ALD Automotive vehicle or not!  ALD Mobile gives you maximum mobility!

And for ALD Automotive drivers, ALD Mobile has practical information linked to your contract and can be used to contact us whatever the circumstances. ALD Mobile’s GPS locator function gives you rapid access to the geolocation of our entire network of providers who are on hand to help with maintenance and repairs. Available in 20 countries, you can also use it outside Luxembourg.

The perfect travel companion. Don’t leave home without it !

Download ALD Mobile !