Vehicle returns : No nasty surprises

Is your leasing contract due to expire? If the time has come to swap your old vehicle for a new one, ALD Automotive makes sure you can trade in your keys quickly and simply and with no nasty surprises.

Restitution address



ALD Automotive will help you with our advice to make your journey even easier and faster !
Follow the guide and on arrival, be rewarded !

1. List of documents and equipment to be submitted imperatively when returning.

Tip : Be sure to return the requested elements. In the case of defaults, a chargeback will be applied.

Registration document, certificate of conformity and tax sticker (charged € 135 excl. VAT in case of default) 

The keys with their double (charged € 350 excl. VAT in case of default) 

User manual and maintenance booklet (charged € 60 excl. VAT in case of default)

Fuel card (if applicable)

2. Return the equipment and accessories indicated on the certificate of availability:

- Luggage covers and roof racks, DVD navigation, etc.

3. Clean condition inside and outside

ALD Automotive reserves the right to charge € 150 excl. VAT to drivers who have not done the inside / outside cleaning before returning their vehicle.

4. Your private life

We invite you to delete all your personal information (on-board computer, GPS, contacts, etc.) Remember to empty the vehicle of personal belongings.

5. Happy end

ALD Automotive through its Happy End formula rewards its most responsible drivers.

How does it works ? Read more

6. Vehicle maintenance

Finally, we remind you that the vehicle maintenance planned by the manufacturer must have been carried out before the return. If this should not be the case, we would be obliged to increase 190€ HT to your expense in order to cover the costs of performing the maintenance.

7. Repurchase of the vehicle

You and your family have the opportunity to buy your vehicle back.

Contact our easydriving department to request an offer before the day your vehicle is returned. CUSTOMER SERVICE CONTACTS

The return of your vehicle is a key step in your contract to ensure the end of your rental contract in good conditions. ALD Automotive is committed to a clear, transparent and fair procedure to avoid any unpleasant surprises of the return. A return guide precisely defines, point by point, the wear and tear or damage covered by ALD or likely to be re-invoiced.