The purchase and fitting of winter and summer tyres are included in your ALD contract

Tyres worn? Winter here to stay? Simply visit one of our approved centres to get your tyres replaced. With ALD Automotive, your tyres are adapted to all seasons.

Tyres in good condition are essential for the safety of you and your passengers. They ensure better handling if you need to brake suddenly or negotiate a tight bend, especially when the roads are wet.

For each vehicle, our “Tyre management” service :

  • Maintains a stock of summer and winter tyres from top brands approved by the car maker (based on your mileage),
  • Carries out all fitting/removal, alignment and balancing operations 
  • Offers pick-up and storage services for your tyres.

Mandatory winter tyres in Luxembourg

  • Since 1 October 2012, Luxembourg law states that only vehicles fitted on public roads when there is snow and ice. 
  • Drivers who fail to comply with this regulation face a fine of 74 euros.
  • Winter tyres are only required if weather conditions dictate. There is no set date by which drivers must have fitted winter tyres in Luxembourg. In fact, the regulation applies all year round depending on road conditions.


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