Your immobilised vehicle is replaced

Is your vehicle immobilised after a breakdown or accident ? You are provided with a replacement vehicle* free-of-charge for as long as your primary vehicle is unavailable to drive.

Simply call our easyDriving service during ALD opening hours or leave matters with your roadside assistance service.

The option in your contract entitles you to a replacement vehicle in the following cases : 

  • For planned work that takes less than one day, replacement vehicles are rapidly available: a downtime of 48 hours is all it takes to qualify for a replacement vehicle from our easyDriving service. But don't forget to book in advance.

  • For unplanned work (breakdown, accident, etc.) that takes more than one day, replacement vehicles are immediately available via the ALD roadside assistance service. Replacement vehicles are generally insurance group one vehicles (Corsa, Fiesta, etc.).

You also benefit from a replacement vehicle abroad while repairs are being carried out. Replacement vehicles have the same cover as your primary vehicle in the event of damage.

*depending on your contract