ALD Automotive : we've got you covered !

At ALD, each contract automatically includes all of the insurance cover you need for complete peace of mind.

They include :

  • Third party liability covering the driver of the vehicle in the event of injury or damage to others, passengers included.
  • Property damage covering damage to the vehicle
  • Driver protection covering injury to the driver (medical, hospital, funeral expenses, etc.).
  • Theft covering theft or attempted theft of the vehicle (excluding contents). ALD Automotive insurance covers against the theft or attempted theft of a vehicle with no deductible providing it is reported to the police.
  • Legal expenses and protection covering legal costs incurred in the event of damage.

At ALD Automotive, you choose the deductible that suits you best, ranging from 125 euros to 4% of the insured value of the vehicle.

The administrative management and follow-up of each claim is handled by one and the same ALD Automotive agent. That way, you are guaranteed an efficient, quality service and minimal repair times.

Bodyshops Luxembourg Centre and Surroundings

CAR Avenue                (+352) 40 22 66-1 / Zone Am Bann 4 rue Nicolas Brosius L-3372 Leudelange

Michels & Thielen         (+352) 27 62 42 42 / 20, ZARE Zone d'activités régionale L-4384 Elherange

Renault Luxembourg    (+352) 40 30 40-1 / 2 , Rue Robert Stumper, L-2557 Luxembourg

Renault Esch s/Alzette (+352) 57 29 76 1 / Rue Joseph Kieffer, L-4176 Esch-sur-Alzette

Renault Diekirch            (+352) 80 88 80-1 / 26, Route d'Ettelbruck, L-9230 Diekirch

Garage REPACOM        (+352) 54 80 85 1 / 55-57 Rue Basse, L-3813 Schifflange

Garage Collé*                (+352) 58 48 42 / Route de Bascharage, L-4513 Niederkorn

*Only for Ford and Volvo vehicles.



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