Buying my leased vehicle at the end of the contract

As the driver of a leased vehicle, would you like to purchase your company car at the end of the contract?

Are you the driver of an ALD Automotive leased vehicle? Do you or someone you know wish to purchase your vehicle at the end of the contract?

  • As a driver, you have the possibility of purchasing your company car at the end of its lease contract. Purchasing your vehicle is the guarantee of buying a used vehicle:
  • Which has only had one previous owner;
  • With mileage guaranteed by you yourself;
  • You are fully aware of the history of the maintenance and repairs carried out within the official dealership network and at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer;
  • You are also familiar with the history of any claims;
  • Vehicle guaranteed for 12 months;
  • The guarantee can be transferred.

How can I purchase my vehicle at the end of the lease contract? 

To find out the sale price of your vehicle, please send us the following information:

  • Surname
  • First name
  • E-mail address
  • Registration number
  • Current mileage of the vehicle

by e-mail to the customer service department ( or contact us on +352

Is someone you know interested in purchasing your leased vehicle?

You are not looking for a used vehicle, but do you know someone who may be interested? For this, please send us the information below, duly completed and specifying the buyer’s contact details:

  • Your surname
  • Your first name
  • Surname of the potential buyer
  • First name of the potential buyer
  • E-mail address to which the offer should be sent
  • Registration number of the vehicle
  • Current mileage of the vehicle

by e-mail to or contact us on +352

Purchasing your company car in four steps: 

1.     Confirm your intention to purchase the leased vehicle. We will send you the sale offer.
2.     Make the payment for the used vehicle by bank transfer.
3.     We will make an appointment with you to finalise the contract and hand over the documents required for the re-registration of the vehicle.
4.     Where to find us: ALD Carmarket - Route d’Olm, 51 - L-8281 Kehlen - Tel: