Our philosophy

At ALD Automotive, customer and driver delight will always be a priority.

We believe in a different type of leasing contract, an all-in-one contract: one vehicle, one mileage and one leasing period - all defined in advance. Improving a company’s employee satisfaction and motivation whilst still adapting to its priorities and constraints is a conviction.

To make sure we serve the best interests of our customers and drivers, ALD Automotive's solutions combine market proximity, vehicle expertise, quality services and innovation through:

  • a new form of client segmentation that allows us to pinpoint and process customer needs;
  • the development of new digital tools for customers and drivers;
  • the continuous search for innovative solutions such as ALD Switch, ASSISTO and ALD Mobile for more choice, more freedom and more flexibility;
  • easyDriving, a proximity service devoted entirely to fleet managers and drivers