Our commitments

Social responsibility at the heart of our commitments

ALD Automotive has long been committed to ensuring the highest respect for the individual rights of its employees, suppliers and clients, to protecting the environment, and to nurturing solidarity projects and initiatives. Ethical and ecological, our CSR approach is central to all of our activities.

A responsible approach to leasing

Awarded the ESR label in 2011 by Luxembourg's National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (INDR), ALD automotive is committed to reducing its energy consumption and waste and to promoting recycling in order to limit the direct impact of its activities on the environment.

Our greatest asset: our people

Because client delight can never be achieved without the well-being and commitment of our teams, our human resources are one of our most important assets. Our CSR approach seeks to develop employee engagement and motivation through continuous training, well-being in the workplace, the fight against discrimination in hiring and the importance of gender balance.