ALD Automotive Luxembourg

A trusted partner for peace-of-mind vehicle leasing

The leader in the vehicle leasing and fleet management market in Luxembourg with a market share of nearly 30%, ALD Automotive Luxembourg has been offering high-performance and innovative mobility solutions for more than 30 years.

Founded in 1985, the company is now the oldest active company in Luxembourg in multi-brand operational leasing and long-term leasing.

Subsidiary of Societe Generale Group & Entity of ALD International Group

ALD Automotive Luxembourg is an entity of the ALD Automotive International group, one of the European leaders in the areas of operational leasing and fleet management. This group can rely on the solidity of its majority shareholder, Societe Generale Group. It offers customers an international organisation that manages a fleet of more than 1,700,000 vehicles across 43 countries thanks to its 6,300 employees around the world.

ALD Automotive Luxembourg, the local operational-leasing specialist

In Luxembourg, ALD Automotive is seen as the mobility partner for long-term customer support. The company currently provides operational leasing services for a fleet of over 14,500 vehicles and offers a separate short-term fleet of 1,000 vehicles for companies’ ad hoc and immediate needs, with or without a leasing contract.

Spread over our 2 sites in Luxembourg, each day our 100 employees provide local services to more than 3,000 customers and some 12,000 drivers:

The administrative and commercial division is based in Strassen, and

The Car Centre, for logistics is located in Kehlen.

With an overall driver satisfaction rate of 89.7%, the quality of our easyDriving customer service remains our greatest source of pride and our main asset.

ALD Automotive, your mobility partner

From long-term operational leasing to company car fleet management, ALD Automotive offers a comprehensive range of products and services to Luxembourg companies. Committed to remaining focused on services that always meet the needs of our customers, our range is regularly being expanded with new and innovative sustainable mobility practices.

Discover our offers for companies

ALD Leasing: long-term operational leasing

Fleet management 

ALD Rental: short and medium term rentals

Our sustainable mobility offers

ALD Switch: change your car according to your needs

ALD Bike: bicycle leasing

ALD Electric: leasing of electric vehicles

Our services

Easydriving: customer and driver services

MyALD: manage your contract online

ALD Bluefleet: limit your environmental impact

Energy Website: which engine for your vehicle

ALD Fuel: fuel management

TCO management: control the cost of your fleet

And for individuals, discover

Our values and our commitments

Quality and innovation are our key words to meet the mobility demand of companies of all sizes: start-ups, SMEs or large companies, independent businesses and even individuals.