ALD Automotive Luxembourg

The leader in long-term leasing (LLD) and fleet management solutions with a 30% market share. ALD Automotive has devoted 30 years to delivering high-performance and innovative mobility solutions where customer satisfaction is the key.

A subsidiary of Societe Generale Group, ALD Automotive Luxembourg currently provides operational leasing services for a fleet of over 10,500 vehicles as well as short and medium-term leasing services for a separate fleet of 400 vehicles with or without a leasing contract.

 Spread across our administrative offices in Strassen and our logistics unit in Capellen, our 81 employees provide proximity services for 1,900 customers and more than 10,500 drivers each day. With a global satisfaction rate of 87%, the quality of our customer services is and always will be our greatest pride and our greatest strength.

Already the proud winner of the Best Leasing company and Best Customer service categories of the Fleet Awards in 2014, ALD Automotive continued to shine in 2015 as winner of the Digital Service Award, the Fleet Innovation Award, and the small and medium enterprises category of the Luxembourg Quality and Excellence Award - a landmark in vehicle leasing but, most importantly, the recognition of our efforts to constantly improve the quality of our services.

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