Questions et réponses

Relationship Management

1.1. Who will be the new Account Manager for the client? (unique clients)

We aim to minimize impacts for our clients and commercial teams. The objective is to keep the account manager unchanged bit internationally and locally. In case a change is needed, in exceptional cases, this will be discussed on a case-by-case basis and client will be informed as much as possible in advance; clients will be consulted when the relationship is strong. Our main objective is to continue business as usual.

1.2. Client Advisory Board: who will be part of it and when is the first meeting?

Both ALD and LP have Client Advisory Boards (CAB) at a central level as well as in many countries. However, we do not know the composition of these CABs as this is confidential information. It is a key priority to continue with one single integrated CABs. Soon after closing the composition of the current CABs will be reviewed and new CABs will be formed with a balance in  continuity and evolution of CAB members, we expect of course to have CAB members from both ALD and LP rich legacies involved as much as possible. 

Product Offering

2.1. What will change for the clients/fleet managers as a result of the integration? 

“No drama“ is our integration mantra – business continuity is ensured at all levels. 
We value the trust-based relationship we have created with our clients and want to reiterate our capacity to maintain high quality of services and a strong competitiveness.
For our clients there will be no change initially: existing relationships, contracts, service levels will remain. 
Transition to the NewCo will be smooth and seamless and we aim to start sharing the benefits of this merger as soon as possible with our clients.
We will keep supporting the international needs of our clients with a wider geographical coverage, a broader range of product offering and an even more empowered customer experience thanks to combined knowledge, expertise, and digital capabilities from the best of both companies.

2.2. Will the NewCo change the product offering following this acquisition? (all clients)

We do not intend to change our product offerings right after Day 1 (the day of the acquisition closing) as we have contractual commitments and continuity of service remains our main commitment. As part of our objective to leverage best practices from both companies, we will look to introduce new capabilities as they become available. 

Driver Experience / Service Quality

3.1. What will change for the end users/ drivers as effect of the integration? 

"No drama“ is our integration mantra – business continuity is ensured at all level. Existing solutions will keep operating as today while we gradually and carefully implement changes. We will closely monitor the operations in each country to ensure that driver experience is safeguarded. We are dedicating extra effort and investments on hypercare initiatives in our market to ensure high quality of services. 
Drivers will continue to use the same tools and contact channels. 

3.2. Do clients need to directly inform their drivers about any changes? 

Nothing changes for the driver in the short term. If anything changes then we will first inform our customers before communicating to drivers. We encourage our corporate clients to reassure their drivers that they can expect full respect of existing service levels.

3.3. How will be the ‘voice of the customer' (VOC)/ feedback management be taken into account by the NewCo? (all clients)

We are focused on providing the best quality of service to our clients. We will continue measuring the VOC through existing processes until we harmonize toward a single process, globally and locally, clients should not hesitate to reach out for any remarks, complaints, or observations on the service quality. If clients have a preference on what best practices to retain for either ALD or LeasePlan, please let us know. Any feedback is relevant and highly appreciated.
Quotations (Contracting, contract renewals & new business contracts)

4.1. Potential clients have received quotations from both ALD and LeasePlan. Are they both still valid? (shared prospects & clients)

Yes, quotations that clients have already received will remain valid for the term as stated on the offer. Specific situations should be discussed with the account owner or sales office usual contact. 

4.2. How will (local) contracting/ renewals work post-closing? (prospect/ potential client)

Prospects will receive one offer only for international RFI and subsequent RFP/RFQ. For tenders where both ALD and LP had responded as competitors the tender lead person, designated in the very first weeks, will look at combining legacy proposals into a single Newco one in discussion with clients. This offer will be the best we can provide to the client to fulfil the client’s needs considering products and capabilities at local level with due consideration to the differences that might exist. Every situation should be evaluated individually.

4.3. How will (local) contracting/ new business work post-closing? (existing clients)

For unique clients, business continuity principles apply, hence continue running quotations with the current entity (ALD or LeasePlan). 


5.1. Will pricing policies be aligned post-closing? (All clients)

The transition phase will help us to harmonize all our processes and policies. Until further notice, the current pricing policies remain valid, and we will respect our contractual commitments. Alignment of pricing is an ongoing process that will take up to 1 year, and the key objective is to create minimal impact for our customers.

(International) Contractual agreements 

6.1. (International) Contract conditions harmonisations on terms & conditions, bonus, payment term, consultancy, SLA & KPIs

For clients nothing changes at Day 1 (day of acquisition closing) as harmonisation of contract conditions, Commercial Terms and Conditions (Commercial T&Cs) like, bonuses, payment terms etc. is a complex process that will take months before being effective. 

All the existing commitments will remain valid, including consultancy assignments that could be rediscussed in case the client has open commitments with both parties. 

ALD and LeasePlan will work in parallel, as of Day 1, in assessing existing contracts and Commercial T&Cs, identifying any differences and inconsistencies. This includes reviewing the terms and conditions and pricing components included (e.g. Management Fee, Interest rated, bonuses, payment terms, waivers, etc.). Clients will be actively involved in the development of the harmonization plan.

6.2. Will the integration impact existing contracts with clients? (all clients)

We will continue to honour the contractual arrangements that are in place. No changes will be made or implemented without the consent of the clients impacted. 

Tools and applications

7.1. Will IT migrations/integrations impact clients?

Current tools and applications will remain for now. Any IT migrations/integrations will happen progressively, on a country by country basis. We don't expect these migrations/integrations to start before Q2 2024. If, after the migration, there are any changes to the tools and services you're currently using, we will inform you in due course.

7.2. What will be the impact on reporting tools such as ALDNet / My Fleet International?

Both reporting tools will continue operating. 
For shared international clients - as an interim solution - a consolidated view of the fleetdata will be available on My Fleet International within 60 days of Day 1 (closing of acquisition). The target fleet reporting tool for the NewCo is still to be decided, VOC will duly considered as we’re well aware a state of the art global reporting platform is essential for our global clients. 

7.3. Will the clients be able to use all the tooling mentioned in their contract?

Yes, post-closing (Day 1) clients will still be able to use the tools they have currently available. 
For the medium to long term, we will assess the tooling portfolio as part of our objective to leverage best practices from both entities.

Implication from the NewCo organization/ operating model after closing

8.1. What is the legal structure? What does the closing & DNO mean for a customer?

At closing, ALD SA will acquire the shares in LP Group BV. No other restructuring to take place on that day as this is subject to receiving an integration DNO (declaration of no-objection) from the European Central Bank.  Overall, a DNO is intended to ensure that the merger does not have any negative impact on the structure of the organisation and its customers. 

8.2. What will be the impact on credit approval process or the pricing approval process as currently in place within LP?

Due to DNO (declaration of no-objection) requirements and co-existence of current processes/ contracts nothing will change with regards to the credit and-or pricing approval process for at least 6 months after closing. After DNO, with the transition to the target organization the credit processes will be harmonised. For clients that are common to both LeasePlan and ALD/ Société Générale there will be one lead/ responsible for credit approvals appointed as soon as the New Organization is rolled out. 

8.3. What will be the approach about working with 3rd parties including data sharing with 3rd parties?

ALD and LP might have a different approach today when it comes to sharing data with 3rd parties. Given the antitrust nature of this topic we could not discuss yet what the position is for the NewCo. This will be discussed and clarified after closing. 

8.4. What will be the impact on Implementation & reimplementation?

The implementation function as available within LeasePlan International and a few local LeasePlan organisations today has been recognised as a good practice for the NewCo. This experience could for example also be leveraged when integrating shared customers into 1 international agreement in the NewCo. So the Implementation function will remain and possibly even be expanded. 

8.5. Will clients be able to expand their international relationship into other markets? 

Clients will be able to expand their relationship to newly available countries of legacy ALD, legacy LP and/ or alliance partners. In collaboration with their account manager, they can evaluate the options and possibilities.