ALD Rent

ALD Rent, the answer to your immediate and short-term mobility needs.

As a business, your company has a temporary need: another car for a new employee who is still on their trial period? Need transport for an overseas visitor or several members of staff working on short-term assignments? Looking for an alternative to long-term leasing or for greater flexibility? Obliged to hit the open road from time to time and don't have a suitable model?

As a driver, Waiting for your operational leasing vehicle to arrive?
Off on a trip and your primary vehicle won't do?

ALD Rent is the ideal solution, whatever you need and whenever you need it.

An all-inclusive formula & a custom-fit choice of options and equipment
- All the advantages of long-term leasing (maintenance, assistance, insurance, replacement vehicle, tyres (winter/summer, etc.)).
- A large selection of vehicles: 400 vehicles from across 13 categories and over 50 different models.
- Vehicles equipped and adapted for professional use (GPS, cruise control, etc.).
- Recent vehicles in excellent condition and ready in a few hours.
- Vehicle pick-up at our Car Center in Capellen or delivered to your door. 

- 400 vehicles immediately available


ALD rent
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