Guide your employees toward a healthier lifestyle and take positive action for the environment

Our Bike products can be used by your employees for professional or personal travel. ALD Automotive offers two options:

ALD Company Bike: Offer your employees a bike leasing scheme as part of their salary package.

You get to choose from a wide selection of bicycles, from traditional models to mountain bikes and even folding bikes. Electric bicycles are also available. Outstanding quality is always guaranteed. We only work with reputable brands like Scott, Orbea, Cannondale and Brompton.

In addition to financing, ALD Company Bike comes with theft and damage insurance, repair services and assistance. You may also opt for a maintenance arrangement and extended warranty coverage for your electric bicycles (with contract terms longer than 24 months).

Thanks to a favourable tax regime, everybody wins: the employer, the employee and the environment.

ALD Poolbike: Give your employees access to a bike-share scheme on your company's premises.

The scheme includes a bike rack and six bikes of your choosing (conventional and/or electric). Bikes can be reserved by your employees and may be used for both personal and professional purposes. ALD Poolbike includes financing, theft and damage insurance, bike assistance and repair, a replacement bicycle service and a comprehensive maintenance programme.

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