ALD Automotive offers an offset programme for your residual carbon dioxide emissions

The principle:

Use your monthly lease payment, with the assistance of ALD Automotive, to directly offset your emissions through concrete projects to neutralise CO2.

The funds raised go to our official carbon management partner, My Climate, which carefully manages social projects selected using strict standards (Gold standard), chosen and dedicated to ALD Automotive and its clients.


For 2 euros a month invested per contract, with an ALD subscription equivalent to 50% of your investment, you will offset about 9.5 tonnes of CO2 over the duration of your lease contract* and take part in the current reduction project:

Safe Water in Uganda


- Positive action for the environment and a cleaner fleet
- Option to have a climate-neutral fleet
- Contribution to a concrete project to reduce greenhouse gases on the planetary level
- Contribution to humanitarian and social activities (creating jobs in developing countries)

Taking action together for eco-friendly mobility!


* estimated emissions for the duration of an average lease contract (40 months)

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